Solving The Paradox Of Desi Liberals


You are liberal if you believe and advocate free expression of choice with out any bounds and limitations. It is liberal belief that there should be no restriction of any kind against personal choices. Liberals have all the reasons to prove that they should not bind themselves in any frame of thought because they are in “liberal frame of thought”. Many popular claims are gender equality  , free expression of voice  and free expression of choice. These noble liberal claims have interesting impressions to follow.
Firstly, gender equality means a woman can do whatever a man can do.” Gender roles are socially constructed that are  developed over the passage of time. It has nothing to do with biological, psychological and genetic make up of both gender”. Gender equality is maxim that is well fed by liberals.
A layman may ask that why a man does not develop motherhood if it…

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Land of Criminals and Rapists? — Operation Pakistan

Updated 6 March 2016 Got nothing else to write here. Just want to extend apologies to all those who were martyred for the creation of Pakistan, apologies to the founders of this country. Since 1947, we have done nothing but fail you. Anyone still remember how 5y/o Sumbal was left to die after being raped […]

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The Tassel Was Worth The Hassle.

After fifteen years of laughter, entertainment, teamwork, misery, and tears – I successfully graduated from one of Pakistan’s top schools. Indeed, the tassel was worth the hassle. I will always cherish the memories and valuable lessons I learnt at this insitution that not only trains us academically but also grooms us socially and intellectually. On the day of my graduation ceremony every face was lit with a countenance of satisfaction and completion. My school is bustling a society where the parents and students are part of a greater fraternity dedicated to the academic, social, and intellectual progress of each individual.

On this delightful moment, some nostalgic gut-wrenching thoughts of the massacre of the angels in Peshawar arose in my mind – accompanied with that was an eerie yet relentless feeling of restlessness. Most of the one hundred and forty one infallibles would have been promoted to a higher grade and some of them would have graduated by then. Life moves on but the hearts are still heavy. The parents of maryrs lament and envy the satisfaction my parents were feeling while staring at me wearing a black cap and gown with nostalgic thoughts. However they had seen their own children in coffins, an ineffaceable memory.

The brave heroes of the Peshawar Attack were not the only victims of extremism. I also had the Second Daughter of the nation, the brave and valiant Malala in my mind. I had the poor and needy children of Pakistan who desperately thirst education but lack the resources and opportunities they desire. We ought to consider ourselves lucky that we are given all these golden opportunities to make a remarkable change in mitigating extremism, radicalism, fundamentalism, and anti-democratic elements in Pakistan.

The imperative transition demanded by Pakistan is in the education system. Pakistan’s literacy rate is currently a 57 percent -half of those reported ‘literate’ do not fall in the norms of literacy in accordance to international standards. Moreover, this statistic is lower than the literacy rates of India and Bangladesh. Education should be our first and most primary priority – with the rising of poverty in Pakistan, many parents have withdrawn their children from school. Change cannot be brought about unless people are educated – only then shall we see the graph of Pakistan’s progress concave up with a positive derivative.

As we graduate highschool most of us are going aboard for higher studies while other are continuing in Pakistan. We boldly make many proud promises to our families, friends and ourselves for financial progress. Now is the time we should start making a promise to our motherland Pakistan – a promise to make Pakistan a better place, a place full of love, life and humanity free of ethnic, racial, religious, and lingual discrimination. Most importantly, we should strive in our flesh, blood, and bones to make it a place with not only Unity, Faith and Discipline but also the fundamental human rights given to us by the 18th century French Renessiance of freedom, honor, justice, equality, liberty, democracy, secularism, and social, industrial and intellectual progress.

The Silent Cry

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a world beyond

classroom Of what is left of tomorrow

The eyes that gleamed at the sunny morning
The hands that played at the slide and the swing
The whisper that took the teacher’s attention
The laughter that echoed the walls of tension
No longer exist.

The bell that rang happiness into their faces
The classes that bore future and its traces
The bags which had their dreams packed
The lunches which filled the hungry lads
No longer exist.

The red pens that lie unattended
The chalk which lies untended
The screeches that wound the souls around
The pain that hit the eyes of a friend
Are all that is left.

The paintings that hang on the tainted walls
The corridors of silence with untouched dolls
The stairs are no longer passages to home
In the search of bodies, the authorities roam

In tatters lay the voice of yesterday
The voice last heard by…

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Peshawar Attack


Silence fills the streets of Pakistan today, there is a strange feeling of restlessness. Grief is etched on the faces of all who are out and about. Life moves on but the hearts are heavy. It is the morning after the heartless massacre of approximately 146 people in Peshawar. Majority of them being children, as the attack, carried out by TTP, was in an Army Public School.

The country suffers from the knowledge that the price of our indifference, the price of our ignorance and the price of violence we have continuously ignored; was paid by children and educationists. We hid behind our own wealth and comfort and we paid the price by burying over 131 children. They were executed, targeted, butchered and tortured physically and mentally.

For years now Pakistanis have tolerated bombings and attacks that have killed over 100,000 people. While suffering through all this we forgot to…

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141 Dead in Peshawar School Attack… Will it Stop here?

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Hundreds of children killed in Peshawar,Pakistan. It’s heartbreaking scenario where we get to see so much of bloodshed all around. But did anyone thought why these things are happening? You go to your neighbor country killed so many innocents and then they do the same.


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Our life is not so cheap that anyone can come and kill us in a barter system. Saying “Tumne humare bachchon ko mara hum tumhare bachchon ko mareinge” What the heck you don’t even looked one’s to those innocent faces of children.

tycc pak

But this is not only the terrorism or the cruelty. In our home we have terrorists who beat their wife’s, children, parents and a long list. What all you think people here who are showing or writing RIP on their wall are very humble and generous? Not at all… Everyone of us has some or the other time have treated…

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Open letter to Imran Khan

Zafar Zulqarnain Sahi

Dear Sir,

I write to you not as a PTI worker, nor as a worker of any other political party. I write to you as a Pakistani, stuck somewhere between ‘naya’ and ‘purana’ Pakistan.

‘Gulluism’ – apparently – is not party specific. It is a widespread illness that thrives in people, beyond political party and ethnic divides. It wasn’t Nawaz Sharif or Shehbaz Sharif who vandalized vehicles in Model Town, it was a party fanatic who chose the violent medium to express his support for a political party. Hence, it does not matter if you do not condone hooliganism, when a number of your party fanatics are ‘gulluing’ up the streets of Lahore, snatching vehicle keys and forcing people out of their cars while abusing them.

While PMLN workers ‘gullud up’ with state power on their side, PTI workers gullu up with the perception of mass support on theirs. The…

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I Am NOT Malala!

Wordless Words Work

Malala Yousafzai makes a speech after winning the Nobel Peace Prize, 2014. Malala Yousafzai makes a speech after winning the Nobel Peace Prize, 2014.

When Malala Yousafzai was brutally and inhumanely shot by the Taliban on October 9th 2012, as she boarded her school bus in Swat, the entire nation was greatly shaken by this outrageous act of terrorism. At that precise moment, when a girl of just fourteen years was shot pointblank, nobody referred to her as the one who wrote countless blogs for BBC Urdu telling everyone about her life under the constant threat of the Taliban or someone who, despite criticism, demanded equal rights for girls and proper education. For many she was just an innocent girl and that was enough a driving force for everyone to stand up with her and unite against this heinous crime. Malala was first airlifted to a military hospital in Peshawar, after two days of instant medical care she was moved to…

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